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Gaia&Moon - botanical soapery

Botanical Infusions - Hair Elixir - Vegan Hair Oil Argan Blend Infused 50ml

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A blend of high quality, organic, cold pressed oils & botanicals known to keep hair strong & conditioned & scalp healthy.

Argan oil - The Queen amongst plant oils for hair care!
High in fatty, oleic /linoleic acids to keep hair hydrated and hair shaft smooth plus the high vitamin A & C content helps act as a barrier, protecting the hair from outside damage.
Chia Seed oil - Packed with fatty amino acids, it's known to lock in moisture resulting in a smoother hair shaft - great for frizzy hair!
YlangYlang, Dried anise & rosemary flower bring the scent & an extra boost to the Hair Elixer - botanicalswhich have been used for thousands of years for, to promote strong hair growth.

How to use - my favourite  way to use is as a hot oil treatment, warm a small amount and cover you hair with oil before wrapping in a warm towel. Wash out well, after 20mins x
Scalp treatment - massage generously in to the scalp before washing out to help regulate oil production which could help with oily / flaky scalp.
Conditioner- apply small amount to ends of hair - damp or dry. Amount needed will depend on individual hair type so go easy to start

Pairs perfectly with my shampoo bars for a zero waste haircare routine x 
Chia & argan have an approx smoking point of 160
degrees so can add some heat protection for low heat
hair styling too!
Also, it smells SO yummy!!

**please note these now come in bamboo lid, clear bottles **