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Gaia&Moon - botanical soapery

Botanical Infusions - Solstice oil - Crystal Infused

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A divenly scented oil made with the best quality, raw, organic plant oils.

Celebrating the warmth & energy boost which summer solstice brings x 
With sweet floral ylang ylang, spicy cardamom and zesty grapefruit.
Created  whilst setting the intention that all that use will feel deep gratefulness & happiness for all that surrounds them.  

With full moon charged quartz & moonstone crystals, I hope my Solstice oil replicates the time of the year & brings pure peace and joy to the user x  

-Multi uses -

skin cleanser - massage into skin & remove with a warm damp cloth.

Skin/Body moisturing oil.

Natural perfume alternative

Ritual oil - use to inhale and ground , anoint your candles & alter.