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Botanical Infusions - Wild Nettle Oil - Vegan - 30ml

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-Wild Nettle Oil-
I can see why stinging nettles aren’t seen as your usual skin care ingredient but it’s well worth getting more nettles in your life! Nettles have far more nutritional value than your usual greens , even spinach!

Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicium, manganese iron, as well fatty acids – Linolenic Omega-3 AND chlorophyll!
Wild organic nettle oil is blended with sweet almond oil *allergen nuts 

Nettles act as a natural astringent so can firm and tighten skin, it can balance sebum production so a natural way to help
acne or oily/dry scalp too and
helps wounds and broken skin heal with its natural antibacterial properties but is gentle enough to use on skin conditions like eczema &  psoriasis.(check with Dr first) 

I’ve started getting broken capillaries on my cheeks (natural part of Aging process/ collagen breaking down) and I’m so happy to see some improvement there!
For hair care , nettles are amazing for strengthening hair follicles and promoting hair growth!

As soon as you dry or heat your nettles the ‘poison’ is eradicated and your left with all the green goodness!
The young tips of the plant are sooo yummy in soups or as a green boost to stews/ stir frys and collect up the seeds for an omega3/iron packed snack!

Get your gloves on and get picking some nettles (or let me do the hard work and enjoy this gorgeous oil) 🍃💚